Are you coming to the 2024 GRCA National in a travel trailer or coach? We have places for you to stay! Check out the places below. If you are looking for a hotel, please visit our hotel page to learn about those options.

Camping / RVs at the Big E

If you are looking for RV/campgrounds around the Big E (Conformation, Obedience, Rally), UConn Storrs (Tracking), or Nod Brook (WC/WCX), then camping at the Big E is the place for you!

Camping at the Big E is on a pre-registration basis and sites will be assigned upon arrival. 

RV hookups:

  • Electrical: electrical hookups are available — limited 50 amp, and plenty of 30 amp. 
  • Water: available at each site — bring extra hose and Y water hookup. 
  • Sewer: Shared sewer is also available at most sites. 

Reservations are REQUIRED for all RVs at this site. Any rig not on the RV chair’s paid reservation list may be locked with a boot or be subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. All RVs and accompanying cars must have visible parking tags provided by the organization hosting the event. No sharing of hook-ups with non-paying RVs. Vehicles without proper documentation will be asked to move or leave depending on the circumstance.

Reservations are available on-line or via mail and can be cancelled before September 4, 2024.

Hitch And Go RV is the largest RV rental company in Connecticut and serves the Big E show- grounds. Call Dave or visit his website! When you are coming for the GRCA National, Hitch and Go RV is offering a special 20% discount code for this event! The discount code is GRCAFRIEND.  Apply the code during checkout.

Dave Zawrotny, Hitch And Go RV LLC
P: 860-394-5746

If you are looking for golf cart rental at the Big E, please contact Beth Halligan at (508)322-3025, email her at, or visit CCE Golf Cars

Is camping too rough for you? Check out hotels near the Big E!

Camping / RVs at Star Hill (Agility)

If you are interested in camping for both YGRC and GRCA National Agility (Star Hill AC), then this form is perfect for you! 

On-site camping is available for a fee of $10 per night (Oct 4-6, 2024). Limited to 15 spaces. No hookups.

RV Camping near Three Maples

There are plenty of options for camping near Three Maples for the GRCA Field Trial. Check out the following options. Please note that some of these locations also have lodges available for rental. Contact the locations for details.

If you are not interested in camping, we still have options for hotels within reasonable driving distance of the Field Trial!

hotels around Three Maples

If you are not interested in camping, we still have options for hotels within reasonable driving distance of the Field Trial!