Sweepstakes Registration Submission

Golden Retriever Sweepstakes Rules can be found at the following link:

All puppy and veteran sweepstakes entries must include a copy of the current registration dated before the closing date of the National. Registrations must be sent separately to GRCAsweeps@gmail.com by the closing date of the National, or by using the form below

  • Those entries without prior submission of the registration will not be allowed to show (this requirement is in discussion).
  • For those exhibitors that wish to use a runner, they must have the AKC disability form with them. A professional handler can not be used however their assistant may be used.
  • Ring stewards will not ‘police’ anything before, during or following sweepstakes. Any protests will be directed to the armband table to talk with a board member (judging will not be delayed due to protests)